The Diary
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Apports 19.sept. 2014

 26 August 2014. A day not like other days.

Warren Caylor had invited us to a physical trance - experiment.

As organizers we had already prepared trance-room. A sheet was spread out on the floor and taped with Duct tape. It should be used for materialization of the spirits. All the windows were darkened, and trance chair was put in the position to Warren that this evening would sit outside cabinet.

Participants appeared, full of expectations for what the evening would bring.

It should be an evening where the Spiritual team  allowed us to take photos during the session, and there were two participants who took photos each time the green light was given for this. They photographed with flash, and followed the instructions carefully, as it could be of great danger to the medium, if the rules were not respected.

Christian and I were before the session, instructed (from the Spirit team) that we should get a blank canvas and a marker to the events of the evening, and when they asked me to put the canvas into the circle, it was immediately drawn with a vigorous "hand" on the canvas. We then lit a candle, and so now all that was written a greeting from Yellow Feather and Tommy. So it was said that the painting was a gift for Lone Hertz. Shortly after, she was by the spirits pushed inward toward the center of the circle, as she sat on her chair.

One of our small round tables were like on Sundays destroyed by the playful spirits. The table top with luminescent tape was with really fast speed lifted up to the ceiling, where they knocked hard on it. So it was brought in, and rotated between chandelier crystal pendant, so we could hear how it rattled. But nothing was destroyed. Now they swung with the table top at full speed right in front of several of our faces. We sat a little tense, but all was in safe control.

I said for fun to them that I hoped that they would not do the same with my glasses. So it was said "Dont get me started" and then a big laugh from the spirit filled the room. A small hand trooped investigating on my hand, and moved up in my face. I felt his hand touch my cheek, and take hold of my glasses. They were removed from my face, and placed on The medium Warren, who was still in deep deep trance. Then it was allowed to take photos of this.

  After this, there have been turquoise / blue color on my frames. I wonder if it is from the  Ectoplasma?

Suddenly we heard a rustling in the corner behind me. It was the Spirit Tommy, who rummaged around in a small closet, underneath the Great Buddha. "What is this?" He asked as he examined the contents in a small plastic bag. We replied that it was Christian brochures, and before we had time to breathe,  little cheeky Tommy had scattered all brochures in a beautiful disarray throughout the trance room. "Spread the word," he said and laughed loudly. We laughed with him. Later he found some crystals, angel, a book and other things which he commented, and moved around, and laughed at his own antics.

But the most amazing thing was that he moved the big heavy Buddha into the center of the circle, and we could hear it. Completely silent. It weighs all over 60 kilos. It was so crazy to see it standing there in the middle of the room.

We were very astonished everybody.

This was just a small selection from a stunningly beautiful, exciting and humorous evening in the company of the finest dedicated participants who could really leverage the experience up to a climax with their good mood and we could feel the great love and humor from the Spirit world.

From my heart thank you all for this wonderful experience <3

Tna Sejr Ditlevsen